XSplit® and XSplit Gamecaster® are audio/video mixing software that allows user to create game live broadcasts and game video recordings with a UX interface.

D3DGear is XSplit Alternative and XSplit Gamecaster Alternative, it is a very fast Game Recording Software and Twitch Streaming Software. It allows user to live stream game to twitch.tv site with high quality and minimal lag. D3DGear software streaming performance and quality are superior comparing with XSpit and XSplit Gamecaster software.

If you had used XSplit or XSplit Gamecaster software to live stream game play to twitch.tv web sites, D3DGear software may be a good XSplit alternative for you. Here are some reasons you might consider using D3DGear software as an Alternative to XSplit and XSplit Gamecaster.


D3DGear software has most of the major features that XSplit software has for game broadcasting; it is a good alternative software to XSplit software.

D3DGear software is a Twitch Streaming Software that specifically designed for live streaming video games. It is very fast and easy to use. You only need to press a hot key to start or stop broadcasting. You can choose/customize any broadcast resolution, frame rate and broadcast bit rate. You have options to broadcast microphone and add face camera overlay.

So D3DGear software is a good broadcaster alternative software to XSplit software.


To broadcast video game fast and efficiently, you can use D3DGear software broadcaster as a good software alternative solution to XSplit.

D3DGear software has a very sophisticated screen capture and compress engine for video game. With this game capture engine, D3DGear software is able to capture video game screen and broadcast to web with little system performance impact. With D3DGear software, you can broadcast the game with high frame rate up to 40 FPS.

So you can consider using D3DGear software broadcaster as Xsplit alternative.


D3DGear software costs $34.95 for each license with lifetime free upgrade; this is a very different cost model than XSplit software, and it s a great alternative software to XSplit. So you may use D3DGear software broadcaster as XSplit Alternative.

You can visit our Purchase page for more details.

Record Movie:

D3DGear is a good software alternative to XSplit with additional movie recording feature.

Besides video game broadcasting feature, D3DGear software also is a very fast video game recording software. Similar to D3DGear broadcasting feature, D3DGear game recording is very fast and has very little system performance impact. D3DGear also supports to measure video game frame rate (FPS), and support to take screen shots from video game. These features are not available in current version of XSplit software.

So you can consider use D3DGear as a XSplit alternative broadcaster.

Download and try:

You can visit our Products page for additional details on D3DGear software. We recommend you download and try D3DGear software see if D3DGear is a good XSplit alternative broadcasting solution for you.